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The Friends of a Feather Podcast is encouragement for women on the go. This weekly podcast inspires women wherever they are: listening on their commute to work, folding the laundry, or providing a boost of encouragement after a full day. Wren Robbins, the host invites her friends on the podcast each week to share their unique God stories with listeners.
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Hey! Welcome to the Friends of a Feather podcast! I'm your host, Wren! As women, we need to build each other up, to encourage each other in our walks with Jesus. Each week, I get to chat with a friend who has a story to tell, a passion to share, or a dream she is pursuing. Be encouraged! We are all friends of a feather; let's stick together!  

Nov 16, 2018

Sponsor of today's episode: Meredith Design Co.  

Cover design: Stacey Meredith



# 10: Elora Inspired 

Elora Inspired is a Christian children's brand offering apparel and their newest product... silicone scripture placemats! Everything they offer has scripture incorporated into it with hopes of pointing everyone to Christ. The business started out of Megan's desire to fill everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day and feeding littles with scripture an opportunity to encourage Christ centered conversations.

Elora, which means “God is light,” is Megan’s daughter’s middle name and the inspiration behind Elora Inspired. I had Megan on episode 57 of the podcast if you would like to hear more about Megan’s incredible story.  

Use Code WREN for free shipping!

Follow Megan on Instagram

# 9: Five and one designs

Five & One Designs is owned and operated by two moms- Amanda and Jodie-who are not only neighbors, but friends. Between the two of them they have six children, 5 girls and 1 boy (hence the name!) and their families love doing life together. They specialize in shirts featuring modern and unique artwork designed in-house by the two of them. Collaborating with Megan at June Bug Designs, they have a new 2018 Christmas hoodie that you will fall in love with! 

And, many more other designs you will love!  I found them recently at a Christmas show and saw the verse that our family has chosen to focus on which is Joshua 1:9 which is Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. For the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go “  It was hand scripted on a shirt with plum sleeves and I had to have it immediately.  So much to choose from Kids sizes XS-XL to Adult XS-XXL Love the size ranges!

All of the Five and One shirts are handcrafted in Arlington, TN, and can be found at Classic Trends in Arlington, or online via Instagram or Facebook.

Mention the Friends of a Feather Podcast and they will offer a discount of 15% off!

# 8: Live FashionABLE

The goal of the company of Live Fashionable is to provide alternatives that gives women in other countries an opportunity to earn a living, empowering them to end the cycle of poverty that keeps them trapped. Armed with multiple studies illustrating how the employment of women benefits and strengthens the entire community, the ABLE team set out on a mission to end generational poverty, one job at a time.

Because of your support, ABLE has grown from producing a single collection of hand-woven scarves to a one-stop shop for ethical fashion, offering leather goods, handmade jewelry, denim, clothing and footwear. Whether your purchase is produced in Ethiopia, Mexico, Peru, or at our headquarters in Nashville, TN, each item has one thing in common: because it is made by women, it is leading all of us a step closer to the end of generational poverty.

With your help, we are working each day to give opportunity to women in a safe and healthy environment and encouraging our peers to do the same.  

I love my Selam tote and wallet and its exactly what I had been wanting! 

ABLE’s Black Friday deal starts Monday, November 19th through Cyber Monday. Save 30% while empowering and protecting women with your purchase, plus free shipping on orders over $49. Use code ABLE30.

If you’re shopping after the sale, Friends of a Feather listeners can use code FEATHER20 for 20% off their first ABLE purchase at check-out. Valid through the end of the year.  You can use this link and the discount will automatically be applied to your cart: Live Fashionable Friends of a Feather Coupon Code Link

# 7:  Limelife

Incredible makeup and skin care for everyone…

At LimeLife, they empower people to achieve their goals and dreams and to inspire others to do the same. Their family-owned company was founded in 1952 to provide professional makeup to the stage and film industry. Now they are expanding our reach to help women everywhere look their best every day with our all natural skincare line and personalized makeup palettes. 

My friend Dondra came over one day last year to show me some of the products she loves from Limelife.  And, I in turn fell in LOVE with them, too.  I will tell you I don’t like to spend money on makeup and I wasn’t used to wearing makeup that much.  But, in the last year I’ve noticed some sweet little dark circles who showed up in their darling little way and I knew I needed to up my makeup game.  I like to be health conscious when I can and what I like about Limelife is that it is toxic free, and they have an all natural skincare line.  I ordered the foundation, concealer, and priming spray to start out and have since ordered the powder as well. Let me tell you I have enjoyed this makeup so very much!  I have received compliment after compliment on how good my makeup looks. I’m sure my momma Candy is so proud! She loves makeup! 

Also, if you want to hear Dondra’s story listen to Ep. 43 and 44 on the podcast! 

Here is the link to order from Dondra to start looking your best in a natural way!  Purchase LimeLife Makeup 

 # 6: Poppy Parks Boutique

Poppy Parks is an online fashion forward boutique that was created on the platform that all women deserve to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. Betsy carries beautiful, figure flattering clothing in sizes Small through 3XL along with super cute accessories including jewelry, scarves, hats, leggings, and more.

I first met Betsy last year when she was in town hosting a show.  I found so many clothing pieces that day and have since continued shopping with Betsy at her shows and online.  Betsy is cute as a button and you will love the pieces she offers to her clients. 

Betsy is offering the Friends of a Feather Podcast listeners a 25% off of one regular priced item. 

Check out Betsy's shop Poppy Parks Boutique on FB 

# 5: Same Here Sisterfriend book      

Join Engaging Motherhood's contributing author Holly Mackle and her sisterfriends as they laugh their way through the misadventures of authentic motherhood. Full of wit and charm, Mackle guides readers through a collection of hilarious and vulnerable tales written by moms who have seen it all.

Laugh alongside a group of real mamas as they tell of the neverending joys and unpredictable perils of motherhood. Between diaper fiascos and singing potties, and whether mowing to escape reality or being mistaken as a pile of laundry--hilarity ensues. The extraordinary vulnerability found in Same Here, Sisterfriend will not only remind every mom that she's not alone, but also encourage her to look for grace in even the messiest moments.

Sisterfriends keep each other sane, strong, and lighthearted, which is exactly what Holly Mackle's mom-community does: bring a little levity to the rough trenches of mamahood. So long as sisterfriends are only a text away, they can be sure of one thing--they will never have to face the mom life alone.

With a little commiseration and a lot of laughter, the ladies behind the creation of Same Here, Sisterfriend encourage moms everywhere to let go of the image of perfection and rest in knowing that their sisterfriends have their back. So it's time to link arms in sisterfriend solidarity, because we might as well laugh, mama.

I literally read this book the fastest I’ve ever read a book!  Tears running down my face as I was reading.  You will love it! 

Also, want to know more of the curator of this book, Holly Mackle’s story?  Check out Episode 38 to hear her story!

Go get Same Here Sisterfriend HERE and type in FEATHER20 for 20% off!

# 4: Anne Smith Art

A brilliant artist, an Art teacher whom I adore, Anne has always had a talent of using different mediums, colors, and artistic strokes to bring art to life.  I have worked with Anne and she is delightful, talented, and I love every piece she creates. 

You can contact her at Anne Smith Art on FB to order.  Anne is having an Art Open House called, Oh What Fun! If you are in the local Memphis area, and mention this episode, you can get 20% off your order.

3: Crew + Co

Crew + Co was opened at the beginning of 2015 while Courtney was pregnant with her second son, Grey. She already had another shop focused mainly on calligraphy and lettering that was opened in 2014 after her first son was born. This shop is allowing her to work every day doing what I'm passionate about and she is so grateful for your support and business! Her family loves the Lord and desires to spread His Word in all that we do!

Courtney and I started out as internet friends until Courtney broke the ice and we are now IRL friends!  She is super sweet, super talented and I love her companys mission. 

Find Courtney’s scripture cards, Advent cards, Easter cards, and Give Thanks cards and now Men's scripture cards over at Crew + Co.

Courtney is offering a 15% discount to my listeners so go find some goodies in time for Christmas!  Use the code: FRIENDSOFAFEATHER for this discount! 

2: Unsupermommy book

Imperfections are opportunities to receive God's unending strength.

 No mother can live up to supermommy expectations. Thankfully, God isn't looking for perfection. He's calling on imperfect moms to be faithfully plugged into his superpowers.

 In Unsupermommy, Maggie delves into expectations every new mom faces--for her baby, personal appearance, housekeeping, marriage, parenting, and more. She shares that by having three babies in three years God used the trenches of motherhood to transform her life, releasing her from the pressure of perfection. Her desire is to see discouraged moms freed from expectations prevalent in society, social media, blogs, and even our own hearts.

Maggie's candid motherhood story will inspire you to embrace your own imperfection as a means to receiving God's grace. You don't need to be a supermommy when you rely on a superpowered God. This book has meant the world to me.  I recently read it and it has made such a difference in how I view my role as a mom to my son, relating to my husband, and so encouraging to not have to rely on my own strength!     

You can find Maggie over at on Instagram

Go order her book over on Amazon, and it will change your perspective on everything!

And, ya’ll stay tuned bc Maggie coming on the podcast to chat with me to share her story in December!  Can’t wait! 

1: ValMarie Paper

Val Marie Paper all started when Valarie Woerner’s fears during pregnancy had her searching for a prayer journal where she could organize her thoughts and every symptom she could possibly worry about. (She’s a self-diagnosed hypochondriac) When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she used that old journalism degree and skills designing wedding invitations to create her own.

In the fall of 2013, about 2 weeks before her first daughter was born, she started selling our 6-month prayer journal. It exploded. It turns out she wasn’t the only one whose prayer time many days consisted of staring at a blank wall running through her to-do list instead of actually praying.

They've had them used by famous bachelorettes, Canadian style mavens, and authors with books you’ve probably got on your shelf. Why? Because none of us are immune to distractions in our prayer life and we all need a little help to focus on what matters most to us!

Our mission is to create practical tools and content that equip women to cut through the noise of everyday life and find fullness of life in the presence of the Lord.

So excited and grateful to tell you about this company Valarie began 5 years ago. Valmarie Paper has graciously given my Friends of a Feather listeners the code FRIENDS3 for 20% off when they purchase 3 or more products (only excluding their Yearly Prayer Journal).

This is great for multiple gifts because it brings our $15 journals down to $12!

I have used the Fresh Start prayer journal and devotional, I am currently using the 6 month prayer journal, and I’ve already sent the link to my husband for the yearly prayer journal for Christmas!  

Here is the link to order: Shop Val Marie Paper 

Bonus: The Friends of a Feather HOPE bird

At the friends of a Feather Podcast, stories are shared, some of who you may know, some you may know only on the internet!

I am grateful that I get to chat with women who have a story to tell, a dream that they are pursuing or a passion to share.

Years ago as I was walking through the pain of infertility, a friend gave me a handcrafted ceramic bird.  The simple word, Hope was hand stamped on the side of it.  The bird now hangs on a lamp in my office.  It has been a very meaningful gift to me, a sign of hope, a  sign that like my friends fingerprints on the clay, God’s fingerprints were on my life. I had hope.  Rom. 15:13 says, “ May the God of HOPE fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” When walking through my difficult heart-yearning time, I needed to trust and hope and I found that.  Encouragement from friends like my friend, Stacey and this little bird she handcrafted for me was a constant visual reminder of the HOPE that Jesus gives, that He was with me in the midst of the trial.   I am pleased to announce that we have partnered with Stacey who is Meredith Design Co to create a one of a kind HOPE bird inspired by the original one she made me seven years ago.  This is an exclusive for Friends of a Feather.  Each one is hand made and hand stamped with the word HOPE by Stacey and only available through our podcast. 

We could not be any more happy with this product and that it will be provided to you, the Friends of a Feather listeners. 

Consider giving a friend going through a hard time this gift of HOPE.  The release date for the limited edition Friends of a Feather HOPE bird is today.  I would love for you to go check it out at HOPE bird. They are available for a limited time only and will be shipped the week of December 3rd. 

Hope Bird

Our prayer is that the Hope Bird will become a visual reminder that there is hope in the Lord and that His fingerprints are on your story. Each bird is lovingly handmade and unique... just like you. 

Handmade polymer clay. Dimensions approx 3.25 x 2.25 x 1.25
Shipping: USPS First Class

Preorders ended Nov. 24th.  Thank you!


Want to connect with Wren? I would love to connect with you over on Instagram!  Come over and say hi!

Nov 16, 2018


Hope Bird

The Hope Bird was originally given as a gift to Wren in 2011. Wren’s friend, Stacey Meredith, handmade the gift hoping it would provide encouragement during a difficult season. This gift became a daily reminder of hope for Wren.

Our prayer is that the Hope Bird will become a visual reminder that there is hope in the Lord and that His fingerprints are on your story. Each bird is lovingly handmade and unique... just like you. 

Handmade polymer clay.

Dimensions approx 3.25 x 2.25 x 1.25

Shipping: USPS First Class

Preorders ended Nov. 24th.


Nov 9, 2018


Let’s get to todays episode with Lauren K. Denton.  I picked up one of Lauren’s novels in August and I loved reading it! Born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, Lauren now lives with her husband and two young daughters in Homewood, just outside Birmingham. In addition to her fiction, she writes a monthly newspaper column about life, faith, and how funny (and hard) it is to be a parent. On any given day, she’d rather be at the beach with her family and a stack of books. Her debut novel, The Hideaway, is USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Charts bestseller. Her second novel, Hurricane Season, released in April, 2018, and was listed on BookPage's 2018 list of Most Anticipated Fiction.  And, I want to give a little plug for Lauren’s two books and the one coming out in March.  The Hideaway Hurricane Season, and Glory road are her novels!  If you like Southern fiction, you will love how Lauren writes the setting, how the characters are relatable and how she creates an interesting story line and it will have you hooked

Its episode 64 and we talk about how Laurens love for reading and writing came at an early age, and how she realized her calling was to write. She is a thoroughly gifted writer and I was thrilled to be able to chat with her.  She’s a big deal and I’m thankful she was able to sit down with me and chat.

We talk about how she manages her writing and being a mother to her two young girls.  I love how Laurens stories always have hope and redemption that shines through and I love that.  We talk about what Lauren does when she gets stuck and cannot write any more.   I love how she brings everyday moments into the light when writing a column for Homewoods newspaper, The Homewood Star.  You will think you are chatting with a friend.  Lauren is warm, inviting, and shares her story with us today and Im so grateful.  You will love her and will want to read her books. 



Find Lauren on her web page Lauren K. Denton

Get Lauren's first novel: The Hideaway

Get Lauren's second novel: Hurricane Season

Preorder Lauren's highly anticipated third novel:  Glory Road

Connect with Lauren on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Are you enjoying the podcast?  I would love if you could write a short one line review over on Itunes!  It would help out the podcast so much!  Would love to get to my goal by the first of the year.  Could you help with that?  Thank you for coming back each week and listening to the conversation with friends. See you over on Instagram.

Tune in next week when we feature our gift giving episode!  It’s counting down the Top 10 with Wren!  Many new things coming to you from the podcast and I’m so grateful for you, my listeners, my friends.

Remember, we are all friends of a Feather let’s stick together! Have a great week and I’ll see ya next time. 

Oct 31, 2018

Today’s episode is episode 63 with my friend, Karlye Sills.  Karlye and I recently met in person and she is super sweet!  I loved chatting with her today and know you will enjoy hearing her story!  Karlye shares how she went from a wife desiring children to a mother of four children!   During the years of infertility, miscarriage, a physical diagnosis of PCOS, dimished egg reserve, and diminished ovarian quality, Karlye explains how God showed her how to rely on Him and to follow His plan for her life.  Through all of it, Karlye’s faith was strengthened knowing God’s plan was at work and she has experienced such peace through that!

We talk about getting pregnant naturally, her two IVF cycles, and having the shock of getting pregnant with twins!  We also chat about the accidental way she started her business of sharing about essential oils with the Young Living brand. She even shares her favorite 6 oils! You will be encouraged through Karyle’s story!

I would love to encourage you to share the podcast with your friends!  There are many episodes of different stories of women who are sure to encourage you in your faith journey!  After I listen, I’m always encouraged and I desire to love Jesus more from hearing from my friends!  A few I would love to suggest would be Ep. 51 with my friend Tracey when she talks about walking through her husbands gambling addiction, forgiving him, and how God restored her marriage, Also, Ep. 52 was with Mary Flo Ridley when she talked about talking to your kids about the birds and the bees that you don’t want to miss! 

 I would love to connect with you on Instagram!

Oct 19, 2018


This is episode 62 and my guests are Katie Norrid and Amy Mobley.   In 2017, Katie & Amy decided to take a leap and start City Hill Design and turn their talent and passion into something more by working with builders, remodelers, and homeowners in the Memphis area. With a combined 8 years of experience, they have a fantastic eye for design, a love of working hard, and a desire to help people achieve a home they can enjoyand be proud of.

Amy finds joy in bringing a laid back touch into spaces with a little bit of modern aestheticwhile Katie loves crafting spaces with an old world charm while keeping things calm, neutral, and timeless. 

We talk about growing up together with a famous basketball brother, the memories they love about growing up,  how they ended up working at the same homebuilding company and something unplanned in March of 2017 that changed everything in the best way.  This feels like a conversation between friends, even if we just met the day of recording in my kitchen.  I could not stop smiling while I was editing this episode. You will be encouraged in your faith walk and will be refreshed through Katie and Amy’s story!



You can find Katie and Amy on Instagram at CITY HILL DESIGN or on their web site.  They have a beautiful feed and I love how they interact with their followers. 

Books they have been reading:

The Magnolia Story

Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys


The sponsor for todays episode is Crew and Co products provide a practical approach to scripture memory and family devotions through unique and beautiful cards. Each card was designed by Courtney with hand lettering and original art with the purpose of being a tool to teach your kids and family about Jesus. The Scripture card sets are sure to be visually appealing for every member of the family. This season be sure to pick up the newly restocked Advent cards! The advent cards correspond with the Jesus StoryBook Bible and are a fun way for kids to learn the beauty of the Christmas story. Be sure to follow Crew + Co on Instagram and check out their products at!

Logo Design by: Meredith & Co

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Oct 12, 2018

Colby is an amazing worship leader, wife to John, mommy to Lola, and just recently had a double lung transplant after her lungs continued to decline due to having Cystic Fibrosis.  So many God moments in our conversation.  I loved hearing about how Colby was called only 9 days after being put on the transplant list that they had lungs for her!  How Colby's community was lifting her up in prayer during her surgery, many who did not even know her!  Such a raw part of the conversation when we talk about the thought of Colby not being around to raise her daughter, Lola.  But, hearing the faith of Colby and what a good father God is and how she KNEW He would take care of her.  

Connect with Colby on her web site, FB, and Instagram

Find Colby's album on iTunes.

Books Colby is reading: 

Everybody Always by Bob Goff

Driven by Eternity by John Bevere

Colby's song was featured on: The Frey Living 

Today's Show Sponsor:

Elora Inspired: Elora Inspired is a Christian children's brand offering apparel and their newest product... silicone scripture placemats! Everything they offer has scripture incorporated into it with hopes of pointing everyone to Christ. The business started out of Megan's desire to fill everyday tasks such as getting ready for the day and feeding littles with scripture and opportunity to encourage Christ centered conversations. You can find Elora Inspired at or on Instagram @elorainspired

 I would love to connect with you over on my Instagram page @friendsofafeatherpodcast

Oct 5, 2018


Welcome to the Friends of a Feather podcast where my friends share their story of how they have been changed by Jesus.  Receive encouragement from my friend Kathryn on episode 60 today!  

Kathryn is a wife, mom to two high schoolers, Bible teacher, encourager, and friend to those she meets.  A few years ago, Kathryn was called out of her comfort zone in order to fully use the gift of teaching that God had placed within her.  Her life has been changed because of learning and teaching God's word chronologically. 

We talk about how Kathryn used to plan her life (or so she thought), down to when she would have her children biologically.  Three IVF procedures later and God called her to drop what she thought as "perfect" and came to know him personally.  Kathryn and her husband Jay were called to adopt their daughter and then their son 11 months later.  

Throughout Kathryn's life, you will hear how God has moved and you will be encouraged to hear the wisdom she shares, how she points us all back to Jesus, and how she knows that prayer matters.  You will come away refreshed and desiring to know Him better. 

Be encouraged, friends!  


Interested in reading, studying, and teaching the Bible chronologically where you live? (Link below!) 

Chronological Bible Teaching

Book Kathryn recommends:

30 Days to Taming Your Tongue

Bible Kathryn studies and teaches out of:

Chronological Life Application Study Bible NLT 



Story & Soul Weekend: Dec. 7-9th

Once upon a time, there were three tired moms of toddlers sitting around and dreaming up the perfect weekend: time to chat with friends over coffee and delicious food, space for rest, and solid Bible teaching. Those friends decided to make that dream a reality. Story & Soul Weekend is a Memphis-area weekend retreat for and by women, designed to prioritize Scripture, Stillness, and Sisterhood.

This year's retreat is scheduled for December 7-9, and we'd love for you to join us! Individuals, small groups, mothers and daughters, and friends who attend Story & Soul will come away refreshed by the solid scriptural focus, the slow, restful itinerary, and the space to connect with God and one another.

We also love to partner with ministries by helping provide their women with a meaningful, quality, vision-rich retreat without overextending their leaders.

Want to know more? Visit us online at or on Instagram @storyandsoulweekend.


I would LOVE to connect with you over on Instagram and on Facebook!

Artwork by the talented Stacey Meredith of Meredith Design Co.

Sep 28, 2018

 Picture this: teenage girl dealing with a loss of a family member through suicide, alcohol, drugs, husband leaving for his contracting job in Afghanistan six days after her baby boy was born, moving cities many times, husband addicted to pain medication, filing for divorce, separating from her husband for ten months, life spiraling out of control as she looked for love, for acceptance, for care.


Through all of this Brandy realized her need for Jesus and Jesus transformed her life and she, her husband, her family, and her marriage have been forever changed. 


Hear my friend Brandy’s incredible story today and share with a friend! 

Link in profile.

Sep 21, 2018


Today's episode is with my friend, Ashleigh.  

Ashleigh is a sweet in real life friend, wife to Matt, mother to four children and a part time pharmacist!  Ashleigh's  story begins when her husband, Matt, went to China on a work trip, saw the poverty in the area, and was burdened for the children there.  He came home from that trip and talked with Ashleigh about adopting a child from China!

In this episode hear the details of how God's timing was 7 1/2 years later and they would see their baby girl for the first time and the joy that she has brought to their family.  Hear Ashleigh's advice for someone walking that road today! 

Feel free to share this episode with a friend who needs encouragement journeying through the adoption process.  


Connect with Wren over on Instagram and FB



Sep 14, 2018


Hey Friends!!

On today's episode, I enjoyed chatting with my new friend, Megan!  Megan is wife, mom to three sweet children, and shop owner of Elora Inspired!

What I love about Megan is her strong desire to pour the love of Jesus into everyone around her!  She pours into her husband, her children, those she meets in real life and those on her Instagram page! 

Megan and I talk about the family vacation she came back from when she knew her marriage was over.  However, her husband came home with a different set of feelings.  You will hear about the incredible change that Jesus made in their lives, their marriage, and in how they raise their children.

Such an encouraging episode to hear how God's power intervened in Megan's life and why God led her to start her company, Elora Inspired!!


Connect with Megan over on Instagram and on Facebook 

Check out Megan's adorable products in her shop, Elora Inspired 


I would love to connect with you over on Instagram and on Facebook

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Sep 7, 2018

✨NEW✨podcast episode!!

Today, my guest is Leah Simpson! Leah is a wife, mother, author, teacher, pioneer of bringing Classical Conversations to the Memphis area, homeschool mom, future Pilot and much more!! I love her company called Nurturing My Nest and that the goal of it is to strengthen families. 

We had the best conversation! We talked about how Leah and Tim met❤️, what it’s like being married to a TV weatherman during bad weather🌪, homeschooling her five children📚, walking through six miscarriages, and her book,” Nurturing My Nest.” 

I really enjoyed hearing about the books Leah is reading and the ones she is in the process of writing!! Don’t miss this episode!! Link in profile. 


CONNECT with Leah on her web site! 

Connect with Leah on Instagram  and Facebook 


connect with me on the Friends of a Feather Podcast on Instagram 

Aug 24, 2018


Happy Friday!  

Today on the podcast is Rosalynne Martin.  Roz is married to her college sweetheart, Jullian and they have two boys, ages 7 and 8.  Roz and Jullian have been married for 20 years, she is very involved in the Arise 2 Read program in Memphis, she occasionally writes for the Missional Motherhood blog, and loves spending time with her family.

You will love hearing Roz's story of how she walked through infertility, miscarriage, 2 IVF cycles, adoption, and finding out she was pregnant while her oldest was still in the NICU.  And, through it all, you can see God's hand at work.  It may seem so simple yet difficult, but trusting God with you whole heart is what Rosalynne knew she had been called to do.  

She had delayed motherhood, but now she openly shares her story to many she meets.  And, I'm so happy to share her story with you today!  


Adoption Agency: Life Choices of Memphis

What Roz is reading: Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch

Roz has been featured on the Missional Motherhood blog


Wren would like to connect with you!  

Friends of a Feather Podcast on Instagram, and FB!

Aug 17, 2018


Today on the podcast is Megan Benson with Sheep Farm Felt.  Megan and I met over Skype this past week but I felt like I already knew her and her adorable sheep from following her on Instagram!!  

We talk about how Megan began her company, the best advice her dad gave her, and how she makes the felt balls!  We also chat a little about Megan's family story of her parents as makers, losing everything in a fire when she was only four years old, and what her parents did for their community as a thank you for their help in the rebuilding of their home.

We chat about when Megan found out her oldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism Five, also called Asperger's syndrome.  Megan gives great advice for moms who are walking that journey. 

I love how Megan speaks about community and connections in our conversation. It's a great, meaningful episode and I would love for you to listen and share with a friend!


To Connect with Megan on Instagram

Find Megan's felt ball garlands at her web site: Sheep Farm Felt 

Friends of a Feather podcast listeners!  

10% OFF any purchase of $25 on Megan's ETSY shop!  Code>>>>>FEATHER10


I would love to connect with you over on the Friends of a Feather Instagram! or on FB!

Be encouraged, friends!!  


Aug 10, 2018

Happy Friday, friends💗!

Today my guest is my friend, Courtney Kassner. Courtney is a wife and mom to three.  She is the first Instagram friend who I met in real life recently!

I enjoyed hearing how her company Crew & Co was born back in 2015! Working at a corporate job, Courtney felt unhappy and knew there had to be a job out there that would allow her to express her creativity and give honor to God. When her second son was born, she came up with her own scripture cards out of a need to instill God’s word or truth into her first sons life.

We also talked about growth and support in marriage, in business, questioning God when seeking direction, and how thankful she is to be using her talents in a creative and honoring way to the Lord.

I love how Courtney talked about using her scripture cards to be Intentional for gospel sharing with your kids cause that has been her goal from the very beginning.

Again we talk about how it’s so crazy that God can bring our sweetest friends through meeting on us!!

Great book recommendation from Courtney about finding mom friends that is sometimes hard to do!!

Find the gorgeous scripture cards designed by Courtney at Crew & Co.

Connect with Courtney over on Instagram!

Find Friends of a Feather Podcast on ITunes to subscribe❤️!

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Aug 3, 2018

Happy Friday, friends💗

Today my guest is my new friend, Mary Flo Ridley. Mary Flo is a wife, mother, grandmother, speaker, author, and founder of the company, The Birds & The Bees 🐝 (@birds_bees).

On this episode, we talk about what led Mary Flo to start her company, how you can start confidently talking with your child about the birds and the bees in an age appropriate manner, and an awesome resource you can use to help make this very awkward conversation turn into an ongoing knowledgeable conversation!

Such a great practical episode! Don’t miss it!

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Find more on the In Home Gathering on her web site,  The Birds & The Bees

Connect with Mary Flo over on The Birds & The Bees on Instagram and FB!

Books Mary Flo recommends on this subject:

The Story of Me by Brenna and Stan Jones 

Good Pictures, Bad Pictures Jr. by Kristen Jenson and Gail Poyner


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Jul 20, 2018

Hey friends!


Today my guest is my friend, Tracey. I met Tracey a few months ago standing in the hallway into my moms office at work. She is honest, lovable, sweet, and funny.


On this episode we talk about Tracey’s story of feeling betrayed by and lied to by her husband, Dwight while he was secretly hiding his addiction to gambling. You will hear the ups and downs of their marriage relationship that eventually led to their separation.


But, God.


You will hear about the moment that started the healing in their marriage. And, when Tracey fell back in love with him and started to trust him again.


Ya’ll. Tracey’s and Dwight’s story has the gospel weaved all through it. This story could have ended so much differently, but God brought them both to their knees and their marriage was saved.


Be encouraged through this amazing story of redemption, restoration, and love again.


edited to add: If you are reading this and no matter how hard you tried or prayed for it, your story did not end up in this way, know that you are loved💓It is about choices of both of the people in the relationship.

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Jul 13, 2018

Today's episode is special because it's my 50th episode!!!  To celebrate this milestone, I brought my husband on the podcast to share our journey of infertility.  

We chat about how we were naive thinking we would get pregnant easily according to "our" plans, the sweet moment our friends gave us, and what it was like realizing giving birth may not happen for us. I may or may not have teared up once!!!

We also chat about how I struggled but learned how to close my mouth and pray during a time when I needed to submit to my husband.  God changed our circumstances, but not in our timing. God had a plan!  

We chat a little about the podcast, my passion for encouraging women, and something you can do to encourage me!  (Rating and review;)

You will get to hear what Jim is eating, reading, and loving these days!  

Great episode!  We had a blast!! Link in profile or subscribe in iTunes!



Jul 6, 2018

Hey friends!!

Today my guest is Kelly Stamps. You may know her from the blogging world at or as @mrskellystamps over on Instagram! I have read Kelly’s blog for years and it was super fun to catch up with her live over Skype!


On this episode we chat about:
•different seasons of waiting⏱
•how Kelly & Scott met💏
•the scariest day of Kelly’s life when Harper, her baby, was born not breathing.
•when Harper was two they realized she had a hearing impairment and needed hearing aids💜
•fun part time gigs that Kelly does✏️
•the most FUN thing Kelly does on her blog🎉🎉
•a new way to look at friendship👭
•a great book she is reading that I’m a big fan of📗!

Kelly is the real deal and you will love her!!
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Kelly's blog: Kelly's Korner

Kelly's instagram: Mrs.KellyStamps

Book she's reading: Same Here, Sisterfriend


Jun 22, 2018


☀️Happy Friday!!☀️

Today my guest on the podcast is Sallie Dean! Sallie is a wife of 10 years, mom to twin kiddos, is a brilliant artist/illustrator and her family is in the process of adopting her third child.

We talk about:

•the point when Sallie was no longer closed fisted but rather open handed in her fertility.

•unity in the husband/wife relationship

•the journey for Sallie and her husband to adopt and the surprise when they found out they would be bringing twins home💏👧🏻🧒🏼!

•what Sallie is loving (hint:it has to do with 9 numbers😌)

•the neatest tip of how she integrates scripture into their daily life!

•The beautiful book she illustrated, “The Bridge That Love Built” @thebridgethatlovebuilt


You will love Sallie!! She is just precious and loves the things of the Lord!!! 

Link to listen in my profile and share it with a friend!👊🏼🎧💜

Jun 15, 2018


We continue our conversation from the last episode on the Friends of a Feather podcast!!  If you want to hear Part 1, go to the previous recorded episode (Ep. 46). 

On this episode, Val, Nat, and I talk about how Valerie began @valmariepaper after seeing there was a need in her own life for more focused prayer.  She launched her first prayer journal of 50 copies and now has sold over 40,000 of all prayer journals/devotionals!!  We hear about how she and Natalie traveled to Waco, Texas to participate in the Spring at the Silos event this past Spring.  So many neat stories and I loved hearing about it!  We also hear of a practical way that Val prays for her friends using her phone!  

I loved our conversation so very much and loved hearing about their new projects that are in the works!!  You will be encouraged and will want to try out one of their journals right away! 

Be encouraged, friends!!






Natalie's web site

Natalie on Facebook

Natalie on Instagram



Val's web site:

Val on Facebook

Val on Instagram

Books Nat & Val are reading: 

Deep Work

Blueprint for Life

Blue Ocean Shift

The Techwise Family 


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Jun 8, 2018


Such a fun episode with Valerie Woerner and Natalie Lewis!  These twin entrepreneurs were sweet to take the time to chat with me over Skype one morning!  We had so much fun and I'm convinced we would all be BFF if we knew each other IRL.  For. Sure.

We chat about their relationship as children, friendships, going away to college, and the time when their relationship was strained, and what they did to resolve their conflict.  We talk a lot about personality traits and of course, the Enneagram!  I also hear about how Natalie began her company and the new project she has coming out this Summer!!

Don't miss next weeks episode when we hear how Valarie started her business, Valmariepaper in part two.   

Be encouraged, friends!!!



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Jun 1, 2018

Happy Friday!!  

Today, my guest on the podcast is Emily Thomas!  You may know her as the Mom Struggling Well over on instagram and on iTunes!  Emily is a wife, mother, nurse, podcaster, speaker, and friend to many. 

Emily shared her story with me and it's incredible how she escaped an abusive marriage when she was a 21 year old newlywed in a foreign country.  You will hear how her friend reached out to her and how hearing from her gave Emily the freedom and willpower to leave.  

We also chat about the next part of her story of meeting her second husband, moving to China for 3 years as missionaries and walking through infertility during that time.  I hear about how Emily forgave her husband after a short time of infidelity in their marriage.  Emily and her husband adopted two precious children when they were toddlers and we chat about the challenges and the joys through the lens of adoption.  

Don't miss this episode!!  You will love Emily and see God's hand all over her story.  

May 25, 2018

Happy Friday, Friends! My favorite day of the week! This episode is Part 2 of the conversation with my friend, Dondra! Dondra is a wife to Eric, mom to Madelynn who is in a sophomore in college and Ellington who is a two year old toddler. She has an amazing story of tears, loss, surrender, but full of sweet details, thankfulness, faithfulness, and joy!

In the episode we hear about:
•the sweet confirmation God gave Dondra that they were to adopt
•the devastating failed adoption but seeing God’s hand so vividly through it
•the prayer Dondra prayed throughout the adoption process
•the gasp when they first saw their sweet Ellington and the similarity of how God looks at us
•the faithfulness of God and why Dondra is thankful for her infertility
•the details God graciously gave Dondra and her family will blow you away!

Don’t miss this episode!! You will laugh, you will cry (like for realz) and you will be encouraged to walk your faith out in a whole new way!

Link to listen in my profile or subscribe in ITunes for IPhone or Stitcher for Android🎧🎙❤️

What Dondra is:

Loving: Limelife cosmetics!!  

Eating: Cotton Candy Grapes

Praying for: Revival

Reading: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis 

Email Dondra at:

May 18, 2018

☀️Happy Friday!!☀️
Today on the podcast is my friend, Dondra. Dondra is a dear friend of mine who shares her story of walking through the joys of motherhood with her daughter while yearning for a second child, two miscarriages, a failed adoption, a successful adoption, and how she ultimately surrendered her plans to God to what her family would look like.

We talk about:
•the journey of motherhood with her daughter while walking through secondary infertility
•struggling with two miscarriages
•what her husband wrote in a letter that changed their lives for the better
•the excitement that God gave Dondra of looking differently than a typical family

Don’t miss this episode!! You will laugh, you will cry and you will be encouraged to walk your faith out in a whole new way!

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May 11, 2018


 👩🏻👩🏽👱🏼‍♀️Happy Mother’s Day weekend, Friends!💐💐Today’s episode is a special one!! In honor of all moms out there, I invited my mom, Candy to come on the show! We chat about memories while I was growing up! We laugh, we cry, and I learned something new I didn’t know!

During our conversation, you will hear about:

🌷how she sparked my imagination when I was a little girl🌟

🌷why we won a 1st place ribbon in the fair when I was 3👗

🌷book report dress up days🙋🏻‍♀️👀

🌷funny stories about my wedding 💍👰🏻

🌷and, of course i ask my mom what she is enjoying eating, reading, praying for, and loving!🍴📚🙏🏼💞


What I love about my mom is that she’s warm, friendly, she has a great attitude all the time, and she’s super funny. If you don’t know her, you will fall in love with her. ❤️If you know her, you will love her even more!  I invite you to laugh along with us!!


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